You’ve been good to me, WordPress. So good. But Tumblr is just fitting my needs better right now. Forgive me. I have been regularly updating, my new sketchblog, with everything from quick sketches to shots of gallery installations. So from now on, go there instead of here. Also, have I mentioned that I am on twitter? I have been on it for a while, but just in case– follow me here.



First Friday show @ Drink Philly

I will be showing some work at Drink Philly’s  First Friday exhibition, November 4th, 5-9pm. I will be showing some of my “crowds” series that have not been exhibited before, as well as a couple other works dealing with protests and monsters. There will be excellent beer and other drinks, and a few other talented artists showing their work in what looks to be a great space, so it should be an excellent time.

Drink Philly–  Friday 11/4, 5-9pm
239 Chestnut St, 2nd Fl Unit B, Philadelphia, PA

My solo exhibition is still up at inFusion until October 31st. Check it out (info in previous blog posting).

Monsters, Mummers & Mascots

My first solo show (!), “Monsters, Mummers & Mascots” opens October 7th at InFusion: A Coffee and Tea Gallery in the Mt. Airy area of Philadelphia and closes, fittingly, on Halloween. InFusion is easy to get to from the Chestnut Hill East and West regional train lines that run through Philadelphia, situated at 7133 Germantown Ave., a couple blocks from the Allen’s Lane and Sedgwick stations.

The show focuses on work from the past two years dealing with people in costumes, creatures real and fictitious, and the feeling of magic and transformation, from which there arises a sense of ambiguity between the real, the imagined, and the imagined made real.

The pieces above are part of a larger series I have been working on for the past couple months. There will also be several larger ink and watercolor works in the show, as well as a few mixed-media pieces and some new wire drawing-sculptures.

I hope you can make it by to see the show!


Ok. So things are happening. First off, I am no longer a snot-nosed grad student; now I am a snot-nosed freelancer. I have started accepting commissions for drawings/paintings/illustrations. I have also been doing some website work and graphic design. So if you are in need of said services, feel free to shoot me an email (jessworby at If you are an art director or curator, feel even freer. You are a bird, and I a fluffy white cloud.

I have a solo show coming up in October in Philadelphia! The working title of the show is “Mummers, Monsters & Mascots”. The opening will be on October 7th,  at InFusion in Mt. Airy, where the show will be hung. Stop by if you are in the area! The show will be up through the beginning of November.

I also have another comic that I am writing. It is going to be a really fun one. That is all I should probably say for now.

I update this blog pretty infrequently, I know, but there are reasons. I swear. I will have to get back to you on what they are though. If you want frequent updates, follow me on twitter. Be warned, though: things can get a little weird on there. I have been known to use inappropriate language when talking about sandwiches and launch into multi-tweet rants about artistic integrity or world building in Minecraft.

Also! More excitingly (for me), I have jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon and created one to update the internet on my sketchbook habits. I plan to update it often with little doodles and comics, so check it often! Seems like an awesome little platform for a guy like me, who just sorta starts drawing compulsively all the time.

Some other quick updates: I added an installation section to my website, where you can see a bunch of projects I did in 2006-07, when I had tons of space (and time). I also put a short CV up, for those interested.


site update

Just a quick note that I’ve added a selection of pages from A Walk in the Park to my main site. (click for link) 

it’s done.

Well, the book is done. The Thesis Show went up and went down. I graduated and got my MFA. So now I am simultaneously basking and wallowing in the netherworld that is post-graduate life. It’s going to take me a couple more weeks to fully reboot my productivity and art making ability and probably longer just to adjust to non-school life again, so in the meantime I am organizing, publicizing, and reflecting.

The Thesis Show was well attended and got some nice press. Here are some shots of my work in the gallery:

I count the final product of my thesis work, the short graphic novel A Walk in the Park, as a success. I have always been interested in sequential storytelling — it just took me until last year to muster up the cajones to take something this big on. I plan to write and draw a bunch more stories like this one, along with some really different kinds of comics, including a webcomic, an action (!) comic, and various experiments with narrative and figuration.

I plan to get the book printed and hopefully distributed soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a quick anecdote from it.

MoCCA & **NEW** Works

I’ve been remiss in showing some new projects I’ve had, so here they are. This weekend, April 9-10 is MoCCA’s annual comics festival. I’ll be selling the following wares at a table (B-13) with some other talented folks.

The Shaman of Beer – a short silkscreen accordion book / advertisement for mystical drunkenness. Only eight copies left for MoCCA!


I also made some limited edition 3-color screenprints of art from A Walk in the Park! They’re about 8″ x 10.5″ and have hand-deckled edges, so treat with care.

oh, charles.

I’ll have an advanced copy of A Walk in the Park for a select few to look at, but it’s not for sale. Yet. (if you ask me, maybe I’ll show it you…. maybe. the password is FISHPANTS. points for reading this blog.)


Branwell – At last, the prodigal son reaches print. The infernal, probably misguided life of the other other other Bronte sibling is the subject of this mini-comic I made last summer. This story involves 19th-century British colloquialisms, laudanum, extramarital relations, TB, and insane bitterness. You have been warned.

more like Jane IDontCEYRE

or Bluthering Heights - - BAH!

I may also have a special sketch zine ready for the show, depending on time constraints.

**EDIT** I’ll also have high-quality giclee prints on entrada rag paper of the following spread from A Walk in the Park.