Long, long overdue…

A sketchblog is something I should have begun years ago, considering that my main output is sketchbooks. But recently, Ive been drawing a ridiculous amount. I work at a pharmacy, where I have hours of free time some days to draw or read. So when Im not totally absorbed in a novel, I do lots of sketching. I tend to keep things loose, do lots of blind contours and drawings influenced by them. I do occasionally break it down and do more studied sketches. I draw with whatever I have, which lately is a small assortment of Pigma Microns and Prismacolor markers. I used almost nothing but cheap Bic pens for years. Hardly any pencil these days.

I plan to post a smattering of sketches here, and almost all of them on my flickr page. I hope to have a new website up within the next couple months, but you can see my undergraduate art portfolio here until Googlepages becomes Googlesites.

Im also going to blog about other people’s art, films, music, culture, etc. here, because making little comments on things I read via RSS, Twitter and the like isnt really enough anymore. So thats the plan.



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