5/25ー5/31. Time is like a river…

…or so says Alan Parsons.

I finished another large Moleskine sketchbook this week. So in its honor, I will post here sketches I did in it this week, as opposed to sketches from my other Moleskine which usually has better drawings.

In other news, road signs are still much larger up close than they appear when driving by. Just a friendly reminder for those of us that may have forgotten.

i probably would've actually said "dang!". yeah. dang! wait no, i've never said that.


3 responses to “5/25ー5/31. Time is like a river…

  1. dear jess,

    i saw this link on aim. and i’m so excited for it! please be prolific.


  2. Well DOne mofo. I want to see more.

  3. thanks guys. i have a lot of scanning to do of sketches from the past couple years, but i’ve already put a bunch up on my flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesudesu/
    hopefully i’ll have a full-fledged site to host this blog and my portfolio within the next couple of months, too.

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