Tiddleybits // set 1 — tastier out of context.

Sometimes when I’m sketching, I like all of the individual drawings on a page but all together they look like crap. Thus is sketchbook. So I’ve started compiling little tidbits from each page that I like but that weren’t all too noticeable as part of the full page. It’s interesting how changing the context changes the drawing.

Sometimes I even consider taking some of these drawings further and making some form of singular, completed work. That’s not really where my mind has been at for a while though. But who knows — stranger things have happened.

Here are some snippets from the moleskine I got from Lisl Steiner (and recently filled up):

Here’s the set on Flickr. I’ll do a set of these for some of my other past sketchbooks as well. I’m also thinking of starting a series of paintings, which is weird, because I haven’t felt like painting in months. So yay for that. And nay to sinus infections.


PS – I’ve submitted a few pages to moleskine.com’s gallery.

One old one is up so far. It’s about ewoks.


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