the crowd project

The biggest project I am working on right now is a series of illustrations based on Miroslav Penkov’s short story “Buying Lenin” for a seminar I am taking with Viktor Koen. My series deals with crowds and cultural paradigms. The themes are only loosely connected to the story, because I wanted the drawings to be able to work well outside the context of the story. There will be between eight and twelve drawings total come holiday season.

Here is the final inking of the first drawing in the series, “Koukeri (Bulgarian mummers)”:

Click the image for a much larger version!

I am pretty in love with mummers’ costumes, ka’tsinas, and other instances of people dressing up like spirits/monsters/animals/whatever. It’s tough to go wrong with stuff like that. I’m probably not going to start hanging out with furries or anything though. Probably.

I have been unhappy with my digital coloring attempts for this one so far, and will probably concentrate on further ink drawings for the next few weeks. I have inked a bunch more of these and will scan and upload them soon.


2 responses to “the crowd project

  1. That guy from the train station in Munich

    Badass! Lets switch!

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