My drawing class is getting interesting — a bit ago we had some burlesque dancers come in and put on make up, then perform for us. More recently, we had a musical duo of a an African drummer and a lady folk singer come in.  A young guy in some kind of African skirt danced to their music until the drummer hit a certain fill — then he stopped and posed for two minutes. It was pretty excellent. I experimented a bit with ink, watercolor and some light texture. Apparently he wasn’t hip enough, so I gave him some antlers.

In other news, I really need to change this blog’s layout so I have more horizontal  space for images. I guess that will be an added feature when this becomes (COMING SOON!!probablyaroundthenewyear!) or something similar. STAY TUNED!!!


2 responses to “dancers

  1. whoa. dont push it, peltier.

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