crowd #?: monuments

After I drew this one, I realized that it really wanted to be colored. So I painted it with some watercolor. Then, of course, I looked at all of the other drawings in this series and saw that I should paint them, too. It had been unclear to me before whether or not they should just stay line drawings. So I spent some pretty hectic days before my deadline turning drawings into paintings. I’m pretty happy with some of them, and not quite as happy with others. But overall, it was a good experience for me. I laughed (frequently). I cried (while cutting an onion earlier). I lost what’s left of my mind. I learned a lot.

This drawing, aside from the color, is pretty different from the others in the series. I can definitely visualize other montage-esque works in this vein. The desktop background version is downloadable here.

Expect a bunch more painted versions to be uploaded in the coming days.


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