soldiers (avec watercolor)

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, though I might paint a tiny bit more or tweak it a little digitally.

I had some lyrics from Nick Drake’s Cello Song stuck in my head as I was working on this one and a couple others. The cover collaboration of the song that Jose Gonzalez and The Books did for the Dark Was the Night compilation was pretty good, too. I had these lyrics in my head specifically:

“When the armies of emotion… Go out to fight… But while the earth sinks to its grave… You sail to the sky… On the crest of a wave.”

A bunch of pieces in this series seem like illustrations of the first two lines, but I actually like the next three more. Maybe they’ll find their way into another project.

Comment/contact me if you want a desktop background version. These things can be arranged.


One response to “soldiers (avec watercolor)

  1. that guy all the way to the right is ALL neck

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