How did all this time pass with me failing to post anything substantial here? Must be black magic.

I am basically finished drawing my Branwell mini-comic, but it needs a lot of editing (especially the speech bubbles). Here are some of my favorite panel sequences:

from page 3


from page 4


from page 10


Aaaand one full page that’s basically done (page 7 — click through for a larger version).

a curse... on both my houses!

I’m not going to have time to finish editing for a month or so because I have to finish my “experimental children’s book” (there has to be a better way to describe it) for the Book Show at SVA in September. So the crayons are flying and the dinosaurs are rawring as both projects draw to a close.


2 responses to “….What?

  1. Hilarious! These are so good. When do I get a copy?

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