Ok. So things are happening. First off, I am no longer a snot-nosed grad student; now I am a snot-nosed freelancer. I have started accepting commissions for drawings/paintings/illustrations. I have also been doing some website work and graphic design. So if you are in need of said services, feel free to shoot me an email (jessworby at If you are an art director or curator, feel even freer. You are a bird, and I a fluffy white cloud.

I have a solo show coming up in October in Philadelphia! The working title of the show is “Mummers, Monsters & Mascots”. The opening will be on October 7th,  at InFusion in Mt. Airy, where the show will be hung. Stop by if you are in the area! The show will be up through the beginning of November.

I also have another comic that I am writing. It is going to be a really fun one. That is all I should probably say for now.

I update this blog pretty infrequently, I know, but there are reasons. I swear. I will have to get back to you on what they are though. If you want frequent updates, follow me on twitter. Be warned, though: things can get a little weird on there. I have been known to use inappropriate language when talking about sandwiches and launch into multi-tweet rants about artistic integrity or world building in Minecraft.

Also! More excitingly (for me), I have jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon and created one to update the internet on my sketchbook habits. I plan to update it often with little doodles and comics, so check it often! Seems like an awesome little platform for a guy like me, who just sorta starts drawing compulsively all the time.

Some other quick updates: I added an installation section to my website, where you can see a bunch of projects I did in 2006-07, when I had tons of space (and time). I also put a short CV up, for those interested.



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