Monsters, Mummers & Mascots

My first solo show (!), “Monsters, Mummers & Mascots” opens October 7th at InFusion: A Coffee and Tea Gallery in the Mt. Airy area of Philadelphia and closes, fittingly, on Halloween. InFusion is easy to get to from the Chestnut Hill East and West regional train lines that run through Philadelphia, situated at 7133 Germantown Ave., a couple blocks from the Allen’s Lane and Sedgwick stations.

The show focuses on work from the past two years dealing with people in costumes, creatures real and fictitious, and the feeling of magic and transformation, from which there arises a sense of ambiguity between the real, the imagined, and the imagined made real.

The pieces above are part of a larger series I have been working on for the past couple months. There will also be several larger ink and watercolor works in the show, as well as a few mixed-media pieces and some new wire drawing-sculptures.

I hope you can make it by to see the show!


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